Hayatu-Deen Vows To fulfill All His Promises If PDP Gives Him A Chance

Hayatu-Deen Vows To fulfill All His Promises If PDP Gives Him A Chance


Presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mohammed Hayatu-Deen, has assured delegates to the party’s forthcoming presidential primary of fulfilling his promises if elected to represent the in the 2023 election.


Speaking to party delegates, Mohammed urged them not to be emotional in their choice as he is in the race to work for the Nigerian people.


In his words:

“I make a solemn pledge that if I have your votes, I will keep my promise to do everything to work for Nigeria and the Nigerian people,”.


The PDP aspirant promised that if the delegates voted for him, he would serve the nation with all his might.


Mohammed Hayatu-Deen (MHD) is a family-oriented man who comes from a disciplined family and has built his own family on the values of hard work, the importance of family, and the importance of working as a team to achieve agreed goals.


MHD was born in Bama, Borno State, in a polygamous family as the first of several children. He spent his adolescent years at Bama before moving to Zaria when his father, Hayatu-Deen Jere (an accomplished educationist who was Director of Schools in the then Northern Region), was transferred from Bama to Zaria.


MHD was very lucky to be exposed to the richness and diversity of Nigeria by receiving his elementary education in Zaria and subsequently the famous Government College Keffi in the then Benue-Plateau State. He went to Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, for his undergraduate degree, qualifying with a BSc. Economics (1976).


He founded the Alpine Group in 2005 – a project development company focused on intervening in high-growth sectors of the economy through direct investments. Alpine’s flagship project, the Ado Bayero Mall in Kano, commissioned in 2014, is currently one of the two largest shopping malls in West Africa.


He currently serves as the Chairman of the group


MHD has a burning desire to work with colleagues and public servants all over the country in addressing the obstacles and challenges they face, and take advantage of the immense opportunities available to be innovative, serve the nation and make Nigeria achieve its preeminent position as a superpower not just in possibilities, but in reality.


He wants to contribute – he knows he is ready because he has managed people and built systems that became profitable enterprises. Yes, he has been a great change agent both as GMD in NNDC and as Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer of FSB International Bank Plc.


Today, Nigeria lacks institutions and leadership that can drive change with measurable, sustainable results.


Today, our public service is threatened.


Everyone is watching our government suspiciously, and nothing can be built in an environment dominated by a deficit of trust.


That’s where MHD sees an opportunity.


People are eager for a government they can believe in.


People are thirsty for quality leadership that delivers on the assignment to provide public goods without discrimination.


MHD sees how his children’s eyes light up in disbelief when he shares stories of how easy it was to get a job after graduation.


MHD extra-curricular activities, awards, and commendations


MHD has been involved in several extracurricular and national assignments:

  • Member of the Institute of Directors
  • Director of the Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce
  • Director of the Nigerian German Business Council
  • Member of the Nigerian Industries Transparency Initiative
  • Member World Economic Forum
  • Member of the Corporate Council on Africa
  • Member of the Africa Business Round Table
  • Member of the West Africa Business Association
  • Member Presidential Advisory Council
  • Chairman Nigeria’s Technical Committee on Privatisation
  • Member President Buhari’s 2015 Transition Committee
  • Member Vision 2010 Committee
  • Member National Council on Nigerian Vision (NCNV) andChairman Nigerian Economic Summit Group – for two terms between 2003 – 2007.


How is Mohammed Hayatu-Deen different?


MHD recognizes that the task is monumental and requires deep reflection and strategic thinking. MHD is precisely what Nigeria needs in status and intellect. He is a change manager who has sacrificed his entire life building broken systems. His wealth of experience in the private and public sector space, heading top institutions in the North and the South, gives him a great perspective.


MHD possesses the ability to settle differences where disputes may arise. MHD will be a president for all, not a president for a section of the country or his friends and family.


MHD’s work ethic is comparable with those of global leaders of thought, and he intends to bring all these qualities to the service of the people. He will take bold steps to forge alliances and partnerships across the globe to foster unparalleled trade and investment relationships, which will fast-track Nigeria’s economic recovery.


MHD is a great listener and communicator and has the independence of mind to make hard decisions if it is in the interest of a more significant number of people.


MHD will not be shy to speak and walk with Nigerians throughout his tenure in office. He knows how to assemble a team that can deliver the best service.


He will take responsibility and accept criticism. He will reinforce the rule of law and the rights of every Nigerian regardless of location or level of access and build systems to support justice institutions.



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