“He is not a kidnapper”- Baby’s Mother Exonerates Dispatch Rider From All Allegations



The child’s mother has stated that the dispatch rider who was publicly humiliated and accused of kidnapping and hiding a baby in his courier box (see here) is innocent.


The child’s mother addressed the issue in a video filmed by the owner of the logistics company to clear her company’s name, indicating that no one stole her child.


Naijanewsngr understands that the woman stated that the dispatch rider who was spotted with her child was her child’s uncle, and that she had given him the child.


She denied that he is a kidnapper, as reported in a video shared by residents who saw him with the youngster and assumed the worst.


I’m the one that gave him the baby by myself because I trust him. He is the baby’s uncle,” the child’s mother said.


Watch her speak in the video below:





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