I Owe Nobody an Apology For Not Believing In Oduduwa Republic


I Owe Nobody an Apology For Not Believing In Oduduwa Republic


I Owe Nobody an Apology For Not Believing In Oduduwa Republic

NaijaNews reports that former President Olusegun Obasanjo has stated that he owes no one an apology for believing in a single Nigeria rather than the Oduduwa Republic.

Obasanjo stated that he believes in one Nigeria regardless of ethnicity.


Speaking at an event in Abuja, the former president stated that every Nigerian has a solution to the country’s problems.


He cautioned Nigerians, however, against imposing their own solutions on others.


“I always say this, each and every one of us has solutions to Nigeria’s problems, but each and every one of us is wrong when you bring your own and think it’s perfect; now listen to the other man,” Obasanjo said. But there is one thing I believe we all share — Nigeria.

“I have never used Yoruba nation and I will never because I believe that my Nigerianess is bigger than my Yorubaness and none should stand in the way of each other.


“For me, my Nigerians is very important because I am more than what I should have been as a Nigerian than as an Oduduwa Republic man and I believe that, that should be the case for every one of us. Why should the accident of my place of birth be a hindrance for me as a human being, first of all, and as a Nigerian?



“I owe no apology to anybody that I feel that what God has given to us in Nigeria belongs to all of us in Nigeria and anyone who feels otherwise, good luck to him.


“The point is that we must aggregate, if you were born in a place and there is a particular treasure in that place, you must enjoy more of it than others in other parts of Nigeria. And that, I believe, whether it is stone with which the Nigerian railway and Lagos board were built, which came from Abeokuta which nobody paid anything for in the colonial days, or the coal in Enugu which some of it was used to drive the locomotive and whatever, the point is it is all a gift of God to all Nigerians, humanity, and the gift of God, I believe we must understand them and know how we really manage them.”


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