PDP Crisis: Why can’t Secondus be Scked till December?


PDP Crisis: Why can’t Secondus be Scked till December?


NaijaNews Nigeria August 10, 2021


PDP Crisis: Why can’t Secondus be Scked till December?


NaijaNews Nigeria reports that Mr. Emmanuel Enoidem, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) National Legal Adviser, stated on Monday that only the party’s national convention has the authority to remove the NWC or any national officer.

This was said by Enoidem on Monday in response to a statement supposedly issued by nine members of the party’s National Working Committee (NWC) following a meeting held in Abuja on Sunday night.

According to Enoidem, the national chairman or a summons backed by 2/3 members of the NWC can legitimately convene a meeting of the NWC under Section 29 (3) of the PDP constitution.

According to him, the PDP constitution stipulates that a quorum for a meeting of the NWC must consist of two-thirds of the members of the NWC.

“To the best of my knowledge, as a bonafide member of the NWC, I am not aware of any NWC meeting summoned by the national chairperson or in the manner stipulated aforesaid.

“It is, therefore, of significant concern, and indeed, very sad, to read the foregoing attitude, apparently expressed by some eminent members of the NWC in blatant disregard for and violation of our constitution’s plain extant provisions.

“The issue of resignation of any officer of our party at any level is a personal decision as stipulated in Sections 45(1) & 47(5).

“There is no provision in our constitution which donates powers to any organ, individuals, or group of persons to ask an officer of the party to resign for any reason whatsoever, as was purported in the so-called press release.

“The powers to remove any member of the NWC and indeed any national officer is reserved in the national convention which is due for December 2021.”

Enoidem said that the said news release was an unfortunate assault and blatant violation of the provisions of the PDP constitution, therefore illegal and unconstitutional.

He said the purported meeting was also against the widely published position taken by the Board of Trustees (BOT), calling for peace until a committee set up had deliberated on the controversies.

“This bad press caused the party at this critical time is most uncalled for, needless and wanton, and must be discontinued if we are mindful of the interest of the party.”

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the communiqué issued earlier stated that six out of the nine members of the NWC at the Sunday meeting voted that the PDP National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus, should resign his position.

According to the communiqué, the nine NWC members at the meeting were the Deputy National Chairman (North), Sen. Suleiman Nazif; the National Secretary, Sen. Umar Tsauri, and the National Auditor, Alhaji Mai Adamu Mustapha.

Others were National Financial Secretary, Abdulahi Maibasira; National youth leader, Mr. S.K.E. Udeh-Okoye; National vice-chairman (SW), Amb. Taofiq Arapaja; National vice-chairman (SE), Chief Ali Odefa; National vice-chairman (SS); Chief Dan Orbih; and National vice-chairman (NC), Chief Theophilus Dakas.

The communiqué had stated that the officers met and deliberated on the matter bedeviling the party.

It stated that the meeting extensively deliberated and agreed that the National Chairman Prince Uche Secondus had grossly mismanaged the party.

“The matter of his resignation was put to vote, six members voted that he should resign and three members abstained from voting.”

It listed the six NWC members who voted in favor that Secondus should resign to be Nazif, Mustapher, Udeh- Okoye, Arapaja, Orbih and Odefa

The communique added that the meeting resolved to forward their resolution to the governor’s forum, the BOT, the national assembly caucus of both houses of reps, and the senate.

The NWC members are 18, made up of 12 regular members and six national vice chairmen from the geopolitical zones, and needed two-thirds of the total members to form a quorum.


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