“It is not bad to be a Head of State, but when it’s confusing the State of the Head”

President Mohmmadu Buhari

“It is not bad to be a Head of State, but when it’s confusing the State of the Head”


NaijaNews Nigeria June 5, 2021

Mr. President you don’t use a Knife or hammer to cut off or break your head because of a headache.
Neither do you set your house ablaze because a rat or snake bit you?

Wisdom is Profitable to direct. You don’t plunge 200M people into darkness because you are pained by Twitter’s action.

The Platform is the source of daily bread to many. Cutting off their daily bread because of your issues is not a wise move

All you needed to do was to mobilize your supporters to fight for you on the platform or you rally your support base to leave the platform in solidarity with you or you get your platform and rally your supporters to it.

Twitter and Facebook ban on President Trump is what opened doors for the likes of gab, parler, and other conservative platforms today. Trump rallied his supporters to these platforms.

In the USA today, the likes of Newsmax, Oan, etc are growing in leaps and bound because Trump rallied his supporters out of CNN.

The World Today is a global village. This is not 1983. Any foolish action or decision will be an act of destroying yourself.

I advise you to rescind the decision immediately and sack whoever gave misled you to this wrong move. They are your real enemies and will desert you when the consequences come.

Sir, allow wisdom to guide your actions


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