Nigerian’s Reacted on Twitter on how Mr Macaroni was Beaten by Policemen Turns.


Nigerian’s Reacted on Twitter on how Mr Macaroni was Beaten by Policemen Turns.


NaijaNews Nigeria April 18, 2021

Mr Macaroni open up on how the Adeniji Police beat him, check out Reactions from Nigerian’s

NaijaNews Nigeria reports on how Mr Macaroni share his experience  via his Twitter handle on how the police at Adeniji police station handled him.

Mr Macaroni said when he was at the Adeniji Police Station the officers took turn to beat him.

“They were even calling themselves to come and beat ‘Mr Macaroni

‘”They said in my life when next I hear police, I will run! One said if not that people would ask about me, he would have killed me.”

Nigerians on Twitter has reacted over how Police beat up Mr Macaroni at Adeniji police station during second wave of Occupy Lekki Tollgate protest

Hmmmmm…. Nigeria police Sha… My wedding remain 1 month and 1 week when they kill my girlfriend. We wait for justice but Justice Never come. I continue to go to the station of now and then. They sent some of their men to destroy my farms. Nigeria police na shit

Post their names and home addresses if you know them That’s d way to go now in nija The police officers live amongst us in our communities If they misbehave in uniform then visit them after work hours in their homes and have a conversation with them.let there be a “conversation”

@TMbhardy Replying to @mrmacaronii

Imagine what people who are unknown go through in this country May the wrath of GOD visit every vile policeman

@SommyIncrease Replying to @mrmacaronii

They’re not doing it because you did anything wrong. The fact that you’re making the 35years salary of some of them every few months is the reason for the hatred. The jealousy, anger, hate, was about to choke them & God will let it choke them

. Stupid, ignorant, wicked old men

@AbiodunCr700 Replying to @mrmacaronii

Good Lord. You have been there and God will continue to make you great cause you really fight for the course of this country

@Peculiarolar88 Replying to @mrmacaronii

It is sad the people we give guns to protect us are hungry nd not living the lives of their dreams coz of d corruption in higher office which reflect down to the lower ones. Hence they feel envious of very successful person nd think cruelty as a revenge to the system. Pathetic

@adetolaodugbesi Replying to @mrmacaronii

Imagine being with them at night or in a quiet place… Government gave guns to people with childhood molestation and psychological problems.

@TeeyiraD Replying to @mrmacaronii

Who should we fear most now… boko Haram, kidnappers,armed robbers or the Nigerian police force?


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